About Us

Rampart Farm & Wool Mill is a small, family owned, mixed farm & wool processing plant in Branchton, ON. Located just south of Hwy 8 between Cambridge & Hamilton, the processing plant is a great source for quality wool products in the area.

Lidija worked as an Operating Room nurse for more than 25 years. Once that chapter of her life came to a close, her passion for nature & love of animals inspired her to purchase Rampart Farm in 1996.

Over the years, the farm has been home to a Jersey family milk cow, Saanen goats, laying hens, Icelandic, Shetland, Bluefaced Leicester, Finn, Gotland & Romney sheep. We have always kept our commitment to grow crops & raise livestock naturally. Through courses & research, she developed an art for cheese-making, and organic farming. Lidija’s love of knitting that brought her to wool processing.

In the wool mill, Lidija produces her own fleeces into rovings & batts, while providing custom processing for customers. After learning to spin her own yarn, Lidija became an active member of the local Spinners & Weavers Guild. She creates intricate knitting patterns and designs.

lidija and sheep

Lidija is breeder of registered Blue Faced Leicester sheep.