Products for Sale

Feel the difference with lovingly made ethical wool garments.

These garments are the true definition of a local artisanal product. From our own ethically raised sheep, we process the fleece in our wool mill and transform them into fluffy rovings. From then on we spin them into yarn by hand, and proceed to knitting a truly one-of-a-kind garment that will last you a lifetime.

Below you will find a selection of what we have to offer in the Little Wool Shop. We also make custom garments for you or your loved ones. You can visit us in the store or we can arrange shipping directly to you. Contact us if you are interested!

Aran Sweater

Hand knit aran sweater made with alpaca & wool hand spun yarn. The alpaca fibre (60%) gives this piece a nice drape and increased warmth while the wool (40%) retains elasticity. Medium fit.


Brioche Cardigan

Hand knit cardigan made with pure Blue Faced Leicester wool. Grey color with delicate cabling work over brioche stitch. Medium fit.


Alpaca Cardigan

Hand knit alpaca cardigan made with our own hand spun greige yarn. Sophistication with dramatic stacked cables. Versatile piece for both the office and the weekend. Medium to large fit.


Braided Riding Jacket

Hand knit cardigan made with our own brown hand spun yarn. Style imitates a riding jacket. Small fit.


Cabled Sweater

Hand knit cabled sweater made with our own shetland hand spun wool yarn. Natural off-white color. Small to medium fit.


Bobble Sweater

Hand knit sweater made with our own hand spun Gotland baby lamb’s wool. Very soft on the skin. Natural warm grey color. Small to medium fit.


Cabled Winter Jacket

Hand knit jacket made with hand spun mohair (50%) and Blue Faced Leicester wool (50%). Intricate cables give this jacket extra thickness and warmth. This piece will get you through the coldest of days. Zipper and two front pockets. Medium fit.


Cabled Vest

Hand knit vest made with our own hand spun Icelandic wool. Warm and sturdy, this zippered vest allows freedom of movement in cold weather. Medium fit.


Hat and Scarf Set

Hand knit set made with our own hand spun wool.

Brown and white cap and scarf.

Black and grey cap and scarf.


Winter Hat

Snowflake hat in grey/white.

Snowflake hat in brown/white.

Spiral hat with pompom.

All hand knit with our own hand spun 100% wool yarn.


Alpaca Scarf

Hand knit seed stitch scarf with hand spun yarn, 100% alpaca.


Lace Scarf

Hand knit lace scarf with braided tassels. Made with hand spun yarn, 100% alpaca.



Hand knit gloves made with hand spun wool yarn. Different sizes available.


Hand Spun Yarn

2-ply hand spun yarn made from the wool of our very own sheep.

Natural sheep color or naturally dyed.

30$ / 100g


Roving for spinners and felters, processed in our own wool mill. BFL, Gotland, Wensleydale and crosses of those breeds are in stock currently. Naturally dyed rovings also available.

Batts also available upon request.

25$ / 8 oz bump