Wool Processing

Rampart Wool Mill is open to sheep owners who need to process their flock’s wool and to hand spinners who want to process single fleeces.

Each Service is discussed to ensure a high quality end product. The fleece is weighed & tagged & the cost of the washing service is applied to this weight. Once the wool is washed & dried, it is re-weighed to determine the cost of further processing.
Orders are processed with a minimum waiting time. To reduce costs, it is recommended that fleeces be skirted & vegetation/debris is removed prior to bringing it to the mill.

  • Wool Washing: $5.00/pound * if additional washing required, $2.50/pound
  • Carding: $10.00/pound * if double carding is required (due to excessive vegetation) $5.00/pound
  • Blending: $2.00/pound * if blending materials are not supplied by customer, price will vary

Please note that we do not accept pre-washed fleeces. All fleeces brought to our mill should be unwashed and vegetation removed to ensure best results.


Pictured above: batts, bumps of rovings and washed fleeces.